Pavers West Hempstead NY 11552

Pavers in West Hempstead NY 11552

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CST Pavers offers a large line of concrete and permeable pavers. No matter what design you’re working on, CST does have a paver to suit your style and design and overall price range. As An Illustration bullnose pavers are good for stair treads, swimming pool border or yard walls. The Contempra for poolscapes increase classiness to your patio area as well as driveway.

Perhaps you enjoy the look and feel of octagonal pavers for example Dutch Stone pavers, a perfect selection for paving projects. Our Holland Classic II Pavers give you the look and feel of genuine brick plus the reliability of a concrete paving stone. The Holland Stone can be described as ageless classic, its traditional brick style and patterns form formal pathways and outdoor rooms. We also provide you with the inexpensive Munich Series because of the practicality and elegance always gives a nice and clean, expert overall look.

The Several Types of Pavers From CST Pavers

Pavers in West Hempstead, NY 11552If you want a more natural appearance The Ridge Stone® Series is made to look as if that it was made by mother nature herself, by way of a natural stone like visual appearance. The Roman Cobble® series can be described as vintage paver in Standard and Antiqued Texture® surface finishes and is offered in circle or fishscale patterns. The Slate Stone Series is known for a organic stone-style for an actual classic slate construction as well as timeless elegance.

Looking for something a little more Rustic? CST’s Vienna Series pavers truly are a European style and design and also have a distinctive wavy end, while the Vienna Classic Series offers you endless possibilities, imparting warmth, design and style and mood to an outdoor room

Worried about the environment? Then Permeable Pavers are what you need, allowing for the readmission of rain water into the terrain, they by natural means re-charge the aquifer. Our company’s permeable pavers also are available in Munich, Roman, Bricloc, Paver, and Turfstone types.

Pavers are always a wonderful choice for every residential or commercial plan. They offer environmentally friendly, classic style and substantially provide more benefits than the appearance of asphalt or even concrete. If you are at this moment planning your very own plan, why don’t you give CST a call? In case you might have inquiries, ideas, or simply need a little assistance making a decision which paver is right for your own plan, signup now to receive a CST House Call. A CST representative can supply you installation thoughts, samples and literature. No strings just solutions, advice and help and support.